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Rev Nancy Hastings Sehested

The following are books and articles written by Rev Nancy Hastings Sehested.

Marked for Life: A Prison Chaplain's Story

A beautifully told narrative of a church pastor who became a state chaplain in high-security prisons for men. Having chronicled many stories of incarceration during her thirteen-year stint, she describes here how she bore witness to misery and miracles within an intractable system.
"Even in my bleakest of days, I knew God has a particular fondness for showing up among lives in the ruins, for using us flawed and failed human beings for redemptive purposes. So I became a witness. I bore witness to the tragedy of lives stuck in the misery of a punitive system. I also bore witness to the spirit of hope that emerged from impossible circumstances." -- author Rev Nancy Hastings Sehested

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prayer & politiks

Several pages of Nancy's sermons and articles titled Sermons & Writngs posted on the prayer & politiks website.
Of special interest is the sermon “By what authority do I preach?” delivered on Oct 19, 1987 after being called to be the pastor of Prescott Memorial Baptist in Memphis, TN. A response to the Shelby County Baptist Association vote to "withdraw fellowship" from Prescott. See also


Some of Nancy's Sermons & Articles posted on the Sojourners website.